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Pappelina Spring News 2021 – ENG

February 10, 2021
Opposite attracts – four news from Pappelina
The brand of Pappelina and their rugs originate from the heart of Sweden. A place where nature and forest are a big part of day-to-day life. That inspired the new pattern KOTTE. A rug with soft, yet simple curves that together creates a serene pattern. A pattern collected from nature who is often impressive in its shape. The rug was easily named, as “kotte” means pinecone in Swedish.

A big part of the Pappelina design has always consisted of striped rugs. A pattern that appeals to many and will never stop being a part of the world of design. So, creating a new addition to the striped family of Pappelina felt like a natural choice. A minimalistic stripe with an angle that recalls of an elegant, very posh dark suit that was named RANDY. As “randig” means striped in Swedish the name is an interplay of the English and Swedish language.

Three brand new colors. Inspired of today’s Scandinavian trends and our surroundings. A peaceful green named SAGE. A natural, tranquil color titled SAND. And finally, an alert and refreshing blue shade, called BLUE FOG. All these three completes the ranges of colors and are an addition that suits the life, home and design of today.

The KOTTE rug comes in 6 different color combinations and is available in 6 different sizes, from 70 x 50 cm to 70 x 450 cm.
The RANDY rug comes in 3 different color shades and is available in 4 different sizes, from 70 x 135 cm to 70 x 430 cm.

WallVision International AB, a European leader in the premium wallpaper market, expands into designer rugs through the acquisition of Pappelina – crafted with love and pride in Sweden.

With the inclusion of the premium brand Pappelina, WallVision further expands its strong market position and takes another step to become a European leader in interior decoration, and it constitutes a significant opportunity for both parties. Pappelina have shown profitable growth rates since it was founded in 1999.

CEO of WallVision Olle Svensk explains:
“I am really excited to have Pappelina in the WallVision Group, it is a brand-driven company with all the ingredients we look for; a premium position, an international foot-print with 80% of the revenue outside Sweden, excellent quality and great people. We see lots of opportunities and look forward to take this brand to the next level together with Lina Rickardsson and her talented team.”

Lina Rickardsson, founder, and Creative Director of Pappelina explains:
“I’ve always dreamt big for Pappelina. There was no way I could miss such a chance for development and expansion. Pappelinas vision has always been clear – to be a ground-breaking pioneer in its sector. From now on I will take on the role as the lead designer and will continue to be a part of the team of Pappelina. Today Pappelina is a global brand and yet, Pappelina still makes the rugs in a small local weaving mill, in the little village of Leksand, right in the heart of Sweden. Each Pappelina rug, represents a piece of Swedish craftsmanship.”

About WallVision
WallVision, founded in 1905 in Borås Sweden, is a European leader in the premium wallpaper segment and at the forefront internationally with sales in over 60 countries. Our core brands include Cole & Son, Wall&decò, Perswall, Pappelina and Boråstapeter. Our fantastic design teams and our unique pattern archive range from exclusive expressions with a high degree of design to more timeless and classic styles. The Group, including Pappelina, will employ more than 200 people and have annual revenue of more than 60m Euro.

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About Pappelina
Pappelina was founded in 1999 by Lina Rickardsson. All Pappelina rugs are made at the local weaving mill in Leksand, Dalarna. To the sound of wooden shuttles rushing forth and back – a well-coordinated interplay between loom, warp and weft – create the pattern of choice. Each rug we make represents a piece of Swedish craftsmanship. Pappelina is sold in some 40 countries